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Trask Pet Products

I am a proud distributor of

Young Living Essential Oils 

For people and pet oils or to sign up for monthly orders at a reduced rate please visit my website:

T-Away™ was formulated with a soothing scent for your animal to support a new level of emotional freedom and joyful feelings.

Retail $22.04

Stinky Dog

For that pup that looks sweet as pie but doesn't smell that way...  

Stinky Dog includes ParaGize which are oils that support the K9's teeth and tummy. Spritz in the air, drop in water and rub on that belly.

Stinky Dog - Thumper

"Wow these oils REALLY work! Our labs Cooper and Thumper were stinking us out of the house! We put 'Stinky Dog' in the water for them and sprayed it to clear the air for us and we can all breathe again!"

Janet and Charlie - Los Alamos, NM

Happy Dog

For those dogs who get a little stressed out about things from lightning and car rides to just plain moodiness. 

Happy Dog includes T-away which are oils that support the K9's calm. Spritz in the air, drop in water and rub on behind the ears or on paws.

Happy Dog - Kalani

"Kalani has always been on the stressed and moody side and now she is elderly and needs a little TLC. I swear she asks me for it and quite enjoys it when you rub some Happy Dog behind her ears. She calms down dramatically. I can't wait to try it during thunder storms."

Annie R. - Santa Fe, NM

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