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One 30-minute free meet-and-greet is required for potential clients.

Any client required follow-up visits (including key pickup / drop off) will be charged at the normal drop-in rate.

A one-time new client admin fee is assessed if booking is requested after the meet-and-greet is conducted.

Insurance and Bonding

We are licensed with Santa Fe and State of New Mexico. Your pets (including horses) and home are insured by a specific pet sitting business insurance while under our care.

Client / Pet Portal

We use an online system to keep information in a central location.  Information is required to be entered into this system and kept up-to-date prior to each trip.

Please provide pet care information (including all feeding instructions and any behavior issues) for each animal we will be responsible for.  

We also require care releases for veterinary care and payment arrangements set up with your vet prior to your departure.  

*We cannot be held liable for pets and homes with incomplete pet info and instructions in our online portal.


We are more than happy to take care of pets in the city's surrounding areas; however, some locations at a greater distance from us may require overnight stays or fuel surcharges.    


Fees are discretionary depending on each situation, sitter  and location. Fuel sur-charges may apply and extra fees may be charged if unexpected work or care is needed.

***Please understand that we lose income when cancellations occur. Often we have turned down other clients when you book with us. Payment is due at the time of service and deposits may be required.***

Deposit Policy

Clients may be required to pay a deposit upon booking, especially for holiday bookings or a history of cancellations.

Established clients are required to pay at the time of service.  

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 14 days of service require full payment as we often book well in advance and our sitters plan on their scheduled income.  Trips shortened within this time period will be billed and the full reserved price.

Pet Policies

We specialize in special needs and complicated situations; however, our safety and your pet's safety and health are priority. We will try to get the best feel for each household during the initial meet-and-greet. If multiple pre-visits are necessary, drop-in fees apply and we must feel confident in providing appropriate care.


Please provide all behavioral information before booking. Any questionable behavior / lack of training that is interpreted as potentially dangerous to the pet or sitter displayed during visits could result in emergency boarding, required return of owners or termination of services.  


Please disclose all health issues and have arrangements made (including care limits and payment) with your veterinarian prior to departure. In the case of emergency situations after hours, pets will be taken to an Emergency Clinic in Algodones or Albuquerque (currently there are no ER services available in Santa Fe), unless other arrangements have been determined.


We will administer supplements but assume no risk or liability of pets receiving medications.

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