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Custom Angel Pets

Perfect Pet Memorials

These pet angels are all hand carved and hand painted by artist Janet Trask.  She has most breeds available, and if she doesn't have it, she will make it!  She wil alsol custom paint to match your pet and adds their name to one of the wings.

Janet Trask - 4 Generations

Santa Fe Handmade Crafts

To Order Please Call or Text 505-412-5255

Santa Fe Christmas Trees

Lovely trees with handmade southwestern decorations including luminarias, red chilies, pinecone animals and beautiful corn husk angel tree toppers.

26" Natural Tree


24" Red Accent Tree


26" Gold Accent Tree


White Tree


Owl Tree


Woodland Tree


Set of 3 trees - 18", 14", 12" Battery Operated


14" Battery Operated Tree


18" Battery Operated Tree


To Order Please Call or Text 505-412-5255

Holiday Wreaths

Sold out!

22" Wreath - $38

Sold Out!

Handmade Holiday Decor

25" Heart Wreath $30

Small Battery Operated Trees

14" - $22

12" - $15

18" Battery Operated (no cord to plug in) - $33

Corn Husk Angels (11") $18

Pinecone Owls and Bears

Pinecone Owl in Rattan Basket 12"


Sold Out!

Sold Out!

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